1. Somewhere near Kaikoura, Sea lions and whalebones.

  2. Golden Bay, the most beautiful beach.

  3. Point Farewell. Sheep and cartwheels.

  4. Alex Knob trail at the Franz Josef Glacier. 8 hours of ferns and foggy but beautiful views.

  5. Fox glacier and afternoon at Lake Pukaki

  6. Blue Pools! Deep and blue and freezing, but I had to take a dip. Eaten by sandflies and chilled to the bone. Then some hippies came by and jumped off the bridge, smartly avoiding the little biters lurking on the shore.

    And then we found the Tasman Sea.

  7. Foggy mountain sunrise in Queenstown, scooped up my new traveling companion from the airport, then a swim in Lake Hawea. The clearest, most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen. The kind of swim where you feel like you’ve been reborn afterwards, your lungs hurt in a good way and you really want potato chips.

  8. Last of Milford Sound. By this time I was quite exhausted by all the breathtaking beauty of this place and needed a nap.

  9. Milford 2. The weather was constantly changing during the 2 hour ferry ride to the mouth of the sound and back, making for pretty dramatic changes in the lighting and fog. Pretty epic!

  10. Milford Sound! For real, if you can believe it.